Brief Overview:

My name is Caroline and I am a 19-year-old college student from the Kentucky/Cincinnati, Ohio area. I traveled up East to New York City where I now attend college. I have extremely huge interest in food, fitness, health, and anything relative to leading the healthiest, active, most exciting life I can!

Why Hello!

I have a love for cooking and creating healthy and delicious meals, and I also love to bake. My favorite type of baking includes creating healthy desserts, but that doesn't mean I don't have room for or enjoy baking sinful delicasies! My life would not be complete without sweets, and I'd take sweet over salty anyday! However, sometimes I have to obstain from sweets because my lack of control around them, which causes me to stuff my face with too much sugar.

Another obsession of mine is peanut butter (cannot put into words my love for this stuff). If I was left to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life it would be this. Creamy salted peanut butter to be exact! Seriously, though, there's nothin' better.

My family and friends are the most important thing in my life and I do not know what I would do without them.

Best Friends



I have always had a niche for baking sweet treats, but the whole cooking fiasco is semi-new to me. I would always eat relatively healthy, but most of my meals were made by amazing mom who happens to also be an amazing cook. When I came to college I had to learn to fend for myself, and now I would call myself a decent chef in the kitchen! I try to explore as many new, healthy recipes as I can to continue to learn more in the kitchen and to maintain a healthy and "feel good" weight.

Although I don't really have a sob story over my relationship with food, it definitely has not been easy. I have struggled with body image, eating the right way, and looking "good" as many other people can relate to. Due to my older sisters struggle with anorexia, I know the reprocussions of severely decreasing your intake of daily food and it has taught me that it is in no way good for your health and only causes problems down the road.

Food is energy, and our body's need lots of it! Even though I still may want to occasionally lose a few pounds here and there, or look "better" in my favorite dress, I know I am healthy and I also know that loving and respecting your body is one of the most important aspects of living a healthy life.

Making Sweet Potato Cakes

My Love Affair With Chocolate


When I was younger I used to be an avid dancer, so I was always a super active kid growing up. I would dance four to six days a week for at least four hours, so fitting in fitness was never an issue. While being this active with dance I would also go to the gym most days before class. I went a little overboard in the exercise department around this time, but I have now figured out that your body will shutdown on you if you don't moderate your activity level and give your body the rest it needs!

When I quit dance senior year of high school, I still wanted to keep my fit body, the blood flowin', and continue to feel the endorphines, so I kept at it at the gym five days a week with cross training and occasionally running.

I was never much of a strength training kind of girl until Spring Break 2011 when I wanted to tone up my arms, legs, and abs for my trip to Miami.  The beginning of strength training seriously changed my life as I began to feel stronger and even drop a few pounds due to the replacement of lean muscle. Although I would usually call myself a cardio junkie, I am beginning to enjoy strength training more and more these days! Now I do cardio three times a week such as running, interval training, or cross training, and strength training plus light cardio the other three days. I have one rest day a week at the least!

Miami With The Best Friends
Skiing With My Sister Hilary
Ready To Work It Out
I hope you enjoy my blog as I write about my life, passions, food, health, and anything else that fascinates me!