Things You Should Know

1. I love peanut butter. Actually I don't love it, I more than love it. I live for it.
2. I have a very large family. Dad, three sisters, mom, step dad, three step sisters, and one step brother
3. I love California and always have, its a dream of mine to live out there one day
4. I have a slight problem with my digestive system (runs in the fam), which stops me from eating foods that irritate me ie: grease.
5. My favorite color is green
6. I love Mexican food
7. I love to talk. When I was little my mom says I would know a persons whole life story within five minutes. I ask a lotttt of questions.
8. I love dance and will never forget my days as a dancer! (My friends make fun of me for being obsessed with it)
9. I always wear a ton of jewlery
10. I love to shop
11. I have not a clue what I want to do after college
12. I chew copious amounts of gum, sometimes two pieces at a time
13. I love pancakes. On my 13th birthday I made my friends go to IHOP.
14. I have the best friends anyone could ask for
15. I am very independent. I love doing things by myself and never hesitate to go places alone.
16. I don't like painting my nails, but they are always painted.
17. I have a slight obsession with the past. Historic movies, books, places, I'm there!