Monday, July 18, 2011

Fordham Nostalgia

Today after work I had plans of going back to my old stopping grounds and visiting an apartment near Fordham. My friends are not studying abroad spring semester, unlike me,  and wanted to look at an apartment for them to live in during that time. Before we left, I made a quick trip to the grocery to stock up on essentials such as greek yogurt, apples, bananas, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, hummus, tofu, etc.

We were supposed to leave around eight o'clock, so I was in a rush to make dinner after I got back from the store. I reheated a piece of salmon that Bridget had made while I was away and also had some steamed eggplant with homemade red sauce. Oh my god this sauce was sooooo good! Never again will I be buying jarred sauce.

The salmon looks like it was a small portion, but it actually was a pretty hefty amount. I'm not one to skimp on fish. I love it way too much.

After a dinner eaten in the car, we made it to Fordham in no time. I was happy to be back knowing that I will be returning in a little more than a month. I've missed it so much and can't wait to return to see everyone one and start the year.

I think I will be returning to campus this week, as I need to pay a visit to the study abroad office to talk about plans of going to London next spring. I already cannot wait for that. Anyway, it is getting way passed my bed time so I'm signing off for the night. Sweet dreams!


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