Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Fresh Market

Hello y'all! I finally arrived at Dayton airport last night after a delayed flight out of NYC. I came home this week so I could drive up with my family to Northern Michigan where we will be vacationing for the next week! I can't wait.

My friend Juliet and me in Northern Michigan
Before we leave on Saturday, my mom is having a little birthday celebration for me here at the house. A few friends are coming over and we are making tons of good food and drinks. I went with my mom on a few errands to pick up the halibut we're having, which included a trip to one of my favorite stores...

The Fresh Market!!

I absolutely love this store, but my favorite part of about it is the insane amount of bulk bins filled with everything from nuts, to chocolate, to dried veggies etc. Obviously, my favorite bins are the ones filled with sugar! I ended up not purchasing any sweets...which is probably a good thing considering my inability to moderate my consumption of sweets. Sigh.

We came home with a cart full of goodies such as blue corn chips, wine, grape tomatoes, kale, chicken, and this Biscoff Spread! I'm in love with the Biscoff cookies that Delta serves on their flights and I spotted this spread made by the same company. I just had to have it. When I got home I sampled some and it was amazing!

I am currently snacking on some carrots and hummus, including this edamame hummus from TJ's! I love how Trader Joe's always has unique foods like this. I mean their peanut butter cream cheese?? Sign me up!

Well, I'm off to the gym and to make kale chips, a recipe I will hopefully post tomorrow!  I'll be back with a recap of the food spread at my lil' birthday celebration and also some pictures! Enjoy this HOT day!


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