Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hello everyone! Hope you had a fantastic day. I'm sorry I wasn't able to check in at breakfast, but I got up early to hit the beach and did not wake up early enough to post before.

Off to the beach we went. Since I currently am camera-less, I could not take any pictures of the beautiful day or my eats. Breakfast was one of the usuals: greek yogurt, kashi, and strawberries instead of an apple!

Robert and I took a long walk on the beach and then hung out in the cabana till we went to lunch at the the beach club's restaurant. We both had a salad made with mixed greens, sliced mangos, sliced avocado, tomatoes, and red onions. We also ordered a side of asparagus and watermelon. Everything was really good, I wish I could of snapped a pic!


After an hour of Group Power and intense weight training session, I came home and dinner was ready in a flash. Tonight was teriyaki chicken and sauteed vegetables.

Started with this... romained lettuce and cucumber with balsamic vinegar

Perfectly grilled and tender chicken, just the way I like it. So summery!

I'm currently watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and am going to get in bed early. I have an exhausting day tomorrow that entails hittin' the beach early. I certainly have a rough life. Catch ya tomorrow. Have a great night! xx

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  1. YUM i want that! catching up on ALL your posts. LOVE you! -hann