Thursday, June 9, 2011

5 Hour Car Ride..

So, I never went on that run this morning, you win some you lose some. It was a little too hot and I had to drive Mrs. McCarthy to the train so instead I jammed to "Hair" by Gaga and just stretched my muscles that are so sore. After that, Bridget picked me up from her house because we had a road trip to go the Hamptons! Her sister, Katherine had after prom out East so we had to pick her up there. The drive took forever because we got a bit lost, but finally after five hours we got home! Picturesque scenery along the way...
The Harbor


Mom you would have loved all the vineyards and there were even a few lobster places along the way. The whole drive reminded me of Kentucky with the open fields and large farms, oh how I miss it :(

When we got home Bridget and I were starved! So, I made myself half of a whole wheat sandwich with turkey, onion, lettuce, and hummus. On the side I had a big, juicy pear.

Got a little hungry...

Since I was still hungry after my sandwich I also had a few handfuls of corn chips with more hummus. Now I'm off to relax and to hang with Katherine, she needs lots of love after a rough night. I have dinner tonight for Mr. McCarthy's birthday, the big 50!


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