Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In a Pickle

I'm in a pickle to find a pickle! All afternoon I have been craving a pickle. I do not know why, but I've been thinking about them all morning and can't stop! I even searched midtown deli's in hopes of finding a big, juicy one. Perhaps after lunch if the craving is still there! If only this little guy could come hand deliver one for me :)

For lunch today, I packed the same lunch I always do. It truly never gets old. I mean after all peanut butter is my favorite! PB + banana + cinnamon on a whole wheat sandwich thin.

On the side I had some carrots. Not baby today! Big, fat carrots I bought to cut up myself. The big carrots are always cheaper, but they take time to wash and cut up. The baby ones are just so convenient. Oh well, save money, live better. Right?

Lunch was deeelish! I can't wait till the workday is over so I can go "home" and hit the gym! Much needed workout is in store for later tonight. Now...more on that pickle. I must find one before heading back to work, if only I knew of a deli that was nearby. Wish me luck!


  1. Those store bought carrots taste sooo much better! Those so called baby carrots are just pressed from real carrots and processed in those bags. Are there any farmers markets to visit in the city? Like Union Square Greenmarket? That would be a fun blog topic.

  2. I know, your right about the carrots. They taste much better when whole and then cut! There are tons of FMs to visit in the city, I just need to scout for them! Definitely would make for a fun blog topic.

    PS who is this commentor?