Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just Let Me Go

Mid-afternoon Robert, Bridget's little brother wanted me to make him a fruit smoothie, so I looked in the freezer and found ingredients that worked well together.

Mango Peach Greek Smoothie

Into the blender went:
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/2 cup organic soy milk
1 container raspberry Chobani
2/3 cup peaches
2/3 cup mango chunks
1 handful of dark leafy greens

thick goodness
I had a fair share of this SIAB, and also some carrots and peanut butter. I got really hungry around 5 pm and ate a few more carrots and peanut butter, some pretzel sticks and hummus that Ellen was muchin' on, and a couple cheese twists. Soooo basically I spoiled my dinner, but no worries I still am able to eat a sufficient amount even when my belly is full!

For dinner I had two chickens kabobs with barbecue sauce and some sauteed spinach with olive oil and garlic. 

I went back for seconds on the spinach and also a tiny piece of chicken. For dessert I had a very crunchy, sweet apple. I'm off to watch Just Go With It. Its supposed to be really funny and I love Jennifer Aniston so should be a good one! I'll let ya know how it is. I hope you all have a relaxing night. It's Monday tomorrow...another day, another week!

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  1. that chicken looks so yummy! and i love the flavors that you put in the smoothie.. must've been greaaaat