Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dedicated to Katy Perry

Breakfast this morning was the same as yesterday. Peanut butter and banana sandwich thin with cinnamon.

Enough on breakfast. Last night's dinner is also not important because Katy Perry is so much more important. Last night I went to see the Katy Perry California Dreams Tour. It was a last minute decision so I didn't know what to expect, even though I do love her.

Well...It surpassed any expectation I ever had!! It was AMAZING. I cannot begin to tell you. The whole time I felt like I was at a Broadway musical. It was as if I was watching a show and a bunch of actors. Everything from the set, to the costumes, to the background dancers (they were awesome), to the lights were insane. I always knew she has a good voice, but now I know that she is truly talented and her voice is really beautiful. I really wish I had pictures to show you from last night, but when I got there the camera died! My luck.

She was also really interactive with her audience and talked a lot, which I really liked. She started with Teenage Dream and ended with California Gurls, in which she through beach balls into the audience and also used a hose to douse the first couple rows. It was so much fun! She sang all of her most beloved songs and I think everyone was impressed. She is gorgeous and her voice is unbelievable. She just seems like a truly happy person.

I'm still smiling just thinking about it! Best concert I have ever been to by far. Anyway, I have a very busy day today due to Katherine's graduation party and there is a lot to be done! I must unplug and go help set up. Catch ya later for lunch, if not, then later tonight for a recap of the party!


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