Saturday, June 11, 2011

On the move

Sorry for the late post! After breakfast, I hit the gym for an intense workout. I warmed up with ten minutes on the stairmaster, then I set out to complete Fitnessista's Summer Shape-up.

Circuit 1 (Repeat 2-3 times total)
CARDIO BLAST: 1 minute of burpees <--- killer!!
Circuit 2 (Repeat 2-3 times total)
-Bench push-up- with hands on the bench or feet on the bench (12-15 reps)
-Bench tricep dip (12-15 reps; bent legs is easier, straight legs is more challenging)
CARDIO BLAST: 1 minute of mountain climbers
Circuit 3: (Repeat 2-3 times total)
-Assisted pull-ups or lat pulldowns
-Lateral raises (12-15)
-Bicep curl plie squat combo (12-15)
CARDIO BLAST: I minute of squat jumps <--- killer!!
Ab burner (1 time through- that’s it!)
-50 sit ups <--- today I nixed these
-50 crunches
-25 reverse crunches
-25 bicycle crunches
**Entire workout courtesy of the Fitnessista 

After my sweaty workout, I came home and was hungry so I made a nice lunch for myself. Today's lunch included two whole wheat tortillas, turkey, lettuce, and spinach and artichoke hummus- this stuff is da bees knees! On the side I had some carrots and more hummus. 

After re-fueling, Bridget and I started to clean out the closet outside of her room for me to use while I stay here for the summer. I am already so much happier to be moved out of that apartment! Phew. De-cluttering took about two hours and then once that was finished we unloaded the car from last night, which was not too bad since Madelyn, my friend from school was over to help us too. We took everything up to the attic, it was very hard and exhausting! After that was finished we made a trip to Home Depot to buy a rod to hang all of my clothes. We ended up not even using it. I'm so glad I am finally settled in, since I have been hanging in limbo all this time! I am currently snacking on more carrots and some peanut fav. We are ordering Japanese takeout later and just relaxing for the rest of this rainy night. Have a fabulous Saturday night!

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  1. yummmy hummus!! our obesession... also i really need to start working out like you do! such an intense workout girrrl p.s. its sarujaan