Monday, June 13, 2011

Late Night Workouts

One thing I like about my internship is the schedule it puts me on. Monday through Wednesday I commute into the city and work all day, and then I am left with a four day weekend every week. No complaining there! Surprisingly, I love starting my day bright and early, something that most college students would hate.

However, there are a few things that have bugged me about working a full day. Yes, I know everyone does it, but they still bother me: morning rush hour, lunch rush hour-aka swerving in and out of people on the side walk to avoid running into someone (maybe this is only NYC, but its super annoying), increased cost of train tickets due to peak hours, and last but not least going to the gym at eight o'clock at night with a full stomach from dinner!! Not my cup of tea.

Anyways, enough complaining. When I got home from work dinner was almost on the table.
On tonight's menu was: grilled chicken with sweet barbecue sauce, roasted asparagus, steamed broccoli, and an unpictured side salad with carrots, onions, iceberg, balsamic vinegar, and a drizzle of olive oil.

After dinner I hit up the gym for a sweaty workout. I started with ten minutes on the elliptical followed by ten minutes on the arc trainer to warm up before strength training. 

1. Push-up (15- modify to knee push-up when/if you need to), followed by overhead press (12) – repeat 2 more times for 3 times total
2. Lunge and bicep curl (12 on each side)
3. Hold left lunge and bicep curl on 12 times; hold right lunge and bicep curl 12 times
4. Jumping lunges- 30 seconds
5. Single-leg deadlift (12); immediately followed by bent-over row (12)- repeat 2 more times for 3 times total
6. Weighted squats (25)
7. Squat jumps- 30 seconds (hold a light weight to make it more challenging)
8. Tricep dips (30)
10. Ab burner
-25 bicycle crunches
-20 stiff-leg pullover crunch<-- didn't do this today because my hips were being wacky
-Plank 30 seconds<-- one minutes since I nixed the stiff-leg crunch
**entire workout courtesy of the Fitnessista

Boy will I be sore tomorrow. This workout is a great one! I really feel that my muscles are fatigued..just the way I like it. Well, I'm off to pack my lunch, shower, and hop in bed relatively early. I'm super tired! Have a great night and ill see you bright and early :)


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