Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A New Spin on Workouts

Tonight there was a spin class at 7 o'clock that I wanted to desperately attend. I wasn't able to go on Monday, so tonight I wanted to make sure I made it.

I took many strides to be able to get there: train go in at 6:38, I ran home (literally) from the train with ten pounds of books on my back (free swag from work), ran upstairs and changed in a matter of three minutes, shoved six dates with almond butter into my mouth, and off I went.

I went expecting a pretty intense workout, since I know spinning is very strenuous, however I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was already sore from Group Power yesterday, so spinning today made me want to cry!!

I wanted to quit before the class was even half way through, but I kept telling myself that pain is only temporary and you will not regret your hard work in the end..and I definitely did not regret it! It was an awesome class and I can't wait to go back next week.

End result:

Please, don't judge me on my face. I'm awkward when I take pictures of myself.
Dinner tonight was a delicious creation made by yours truly. When I got home from spin class, there was grilled chicken laying on the counter. After thinking through my options, I decided to create a grilled chicken chop salad.

My salad included:
chopped romaine lettuce
4-5 oz.? grilled chicken
handful of craisins
handful of slivered almonds
a large dollop of plain hummus
cracked pepper and a little sea salt
balsamic vinegar
roasted asparagus

Mighty salad!

Can you tell I didn't like it?

Clean Plate Club
After dinner, I was still hungry, must have been the spin class!! Thus, I brought out the bag of carrots and dug into some more of this...

Oh hummus, why must you be so delicious. Also, ignore the face in the above photo as well. I took it while scarfing down carrots, nbd.

Wellllllll, I'm off to read my book and hit the hay! I have a fun-filled day tomorrow that includes an early wake up call. Hint: it its starts with the word made and ends with the word well. Any guesses?

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  1. not fair that you get to go shopping at any given moment...