Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bowl of poo

Today, after work I came home and snacked on some cauliflower and hummus-my new favorite combo. I usually eat hummus with carrots, but yesterday I tried it with cauliflower and I don't think I'll be eating carrots with hummus for a long while!

The whole day while working all I could think about was working out. I hadn't had a good, sweaty workout in quite some time-bad Caroline. So, this morning I awoke knowing that after work I was going to go to the gym and have a killer workout. Killer it was! I wanted to do fifty minutes of cardio and that's exactly what I did.

Twenty five minutes on the elliptical vary between resistance and incline, ten minutes on stair-master (level 9 today), five minutes on the erg, and ten minutes on the arc trainer. Ever since Gabriela blogged about her first experience on the erg, I figured I should give it a go since I have never attempted it myself. Let me tell you that my shoulders will be sore tomorrow, even after just five minutes! Phew.


After my sweaty workout, I came home ravenous. I began with an apple


Then steamed some broccoli and cauliflower. Along side that I had some protein cereal

In the mix:
1 1/2 scoop of chocolate Sun Warrior protein powder
1 cup organic soy milk
2 tbsp. peanut flour
1 cup Kashi GoLean
stevia to taste

Over the weekend Bridget's cousin referred to this as a "bowl of poo." I beg to differ! It may look nasty, but it is

This is one of my favorite combos! It is so good. Once it is mixed all together it becomes so creamy and think, you must try it.

After dinner, Bridget poured me some vino

In a solo cup...classy. I did not end up having any, even though I do adore wine. Apparently, I just wasn't feelin' it tonight. I think it tomorrow night will perhaps be a better night for some beloved vino.

Since I didn't indulge in any wine, I still wanted something to finish my meal. Bring on the carrots and peanut butter! Seriously one of the best snacks ever. Healthy fats + vegetable = win!

I'm currently plopped on the couch, surfing through channels until I find something worth watching. House Hunters anyone?! I think I will have to settle on that, it is my favorite show after all. Have a relaxing night and I'll see ya in the morning!

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  1. Hi cars! Your blog is more awesome than ever! We all miss you! Keep it up! I look forward to your next one! Jon.