Sunday, June 12, 2011

Waffles n' Peanut Butta

Last night for dinner we ordered Japanese take out. I had salmon teriyaki, which was only okay. I got the teriyaki sauce on the side and then drizzled some on the entree. Madelyn and I split an order of garlic broccoli and I also had a small side salad with ginger dressing and an apple for dessert.

all together now
After dinner, we ran to Carvel to get Robert some "flying saucers," or "chip wheelies" as we call them in cincy/ky. Bridget ordered swirl in a cone and I gladly finished some of hers off.

When we got home Robert asked me to make popcorn with him and I gladly agreed. Its been a long time since I have eaten any and I was in the mood for more dessert.

olive oil + cocoa + cinnamon + stevia

Fast forwarding to breakfast, I had two toasted whole wheat Van's Lite waffles with peanut butter (365 Whole Foods brand) and sliced banana. I also added some cinnamon--best combo ever!

I'm off to the gym, then relaxing for the rest of the day! Catch ya for lunch. Have a fabulous day :)


  1. those waffles look DELICIOUS! and very interesting spin on the popcorn!

  2. Hi fire-cracker girl! I love the city pics! Jon thinks we should invest in Jif! Love Mom.