Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Its My Friday

Hello friends. Its Friday!! Well, for me that is. I can't wait till I am home and can relax all night. I'm currently posted up at the same spot as yesterday, except today the weather is much nicer. :)

Can you spot the Chrysler building??

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is one of my favorite parks in the city..I'm not really sure why, but its pretty, clean and there's always something to keep me entertained. Oh, and those cute yellow umbrellas are really fun to sit under too!

Today's lunch was the same as yesterday's, I just cannot get enough of this combo! Seriously, you need to try it.


I was sad when I finished it, I think I could of had three more. 

Water for hydration in my favorite water-bottle..

I secretly hate water bottles because of the potential build up of bacteria, but their just so darn convenient! I took an awkward picture of myself and everyone around me was definitely asking why the heck I was taking pictures of myself drinking a water bottle, oh well. 

I think I'm feeling a Starbucks run in the very near future before I head back up to work. The amount of envelopes I have dealt with today is insane! Well, semi-home. Have a great afternoon!


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