Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Smoothie

Its such a beautiful day!

Sadly, I do not think it is going to stay like this for the remainder of the day. It's supposed to rain and get cold, no good :(

This morning's breakfast made up for it! Another smoothie bowl.

In the mix:
1 scoop Jay Robb vanilla protein powder
1 tbs. cocoa powder
1 tbs. peanut flour
Half a banana
a few shakes of cinnnamon
5 ice cubes
A little more than 1/2 cup of organic soy milk (any type of milk works here, I just prefer soy or almond because they make for creamier smoothies)

"Croutons" in the form of Kashi GoLean, yum! This was the perfect, creamy breakfast, just what I needed.

I'm off to catch the train and head into the city during the most dreaded time-RUSH HOUR. Yesterday day at work I scored some free nail polish, maybe today I will get more free swag! Have a fabulous day everyone and I'll catch ya for lunch. <3

Do you hate and dread rush hour too? 

1 comment:

  1. I had one of those the other day! it was so good, and i love that it was in a bowl! so cool! love your posts