Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pumpin' Iron

Today after work I came home, had my favorite snack (cauliflower and hummus), and got dressed for the gym.

Lately, I have been falling behind in my workouts and I find myself slacking off a bit since its summer and I have a million other things going on. It not only makes me feel blah, but I can definitely tell I'm losing strength and endurance! No good especially when I love to pump iron and feel the burn! I am determined to get back to my vigorous routine, so I started tonight by going to a group strength class called Group Power. 


According to my gym's website: This 60-minute barbell program will strengthen all your major muscles in an inspiring, motivating group environment with fantastic music and awesome instructors. Simple, athletic movements make this a class for all ages and abilities.

Boy was this class challenging and I absolutely loved it! It was everything I wanted in a strength training class and went through every muscle group. The instructor was awesome, so motivating and fun, and the songs were really up beat! They even brought out the Biebster. Never say neva!! I will definitely be sore tomorrow, phew.

When I got home from the gym, I immediately got a start on dinner. Luckily, while Bridget and I were at the gym, Mrs. McCarthy put some salmon in the oven and sauteed some spinach. So, when we got home all I had to do was steam the broccoli. 

Dinner in less than ten minutes! Win.

x2 on the broccoli. The salmon was so flakey and tender and I enjoyed every last bite. Mmmm sooo good!

Give me food!
My sincere apologies for my sweaty self and messy hair, but at least I know I got a good workout. After dinner I snacked on an apple, granny smith this time! Apples never get old. 

I'm currently watching PLL, even though I'll probably have to watch it again considering I'm giving most of my attention to this post. Fine with me! After  PLL, I'm off to go snuggle in bed, g'night!


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