Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Love Ezra Fitz

so handsome

Last night, I watched PLL (!) aka Pretty Little Liars, one of my favorite TV shows. The ABC Family show is a teen drama, which focuses on four beautiful teen girls as they try to uncover an anonymous foe who appears after the death of one of their best friends. The show not only has several twists and turns every episode, but the people in the show are absolutely stunning! Ezra Fitz anyone?

Cannot get over how attractive he is. Watch the show and you will instantly agree with me, guranteed!

This morning for breakfast was a good ole' cereal bowl with yogurt. This combo never gets old either!

In the mix:
6 oz. Chobani 0% plain Greek yogurt
1 cup Kashi GoLean
1 pack of truvia

Another day of work ahead! At least is my Friday today! Cheers to that! I have a feeling today will be super busy since the new issue comes out on Wednesdays. Ugh. Enough complaining for one morning, I'm of to walk run to the train!!

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  1. so i know that this post was written awhile ago but when i saw the title, i couldn't resist commenting! i love mr fitz too! i can literally stare at the tv all day with him on it :)